Rooftop Lounges. A Whole New Level of Urban Living In Chembur.

admin January 10, 2018
Take in the beautiful night. Maybe a drink in hand, light music and a few friends in a relaxed atmosphere. All this in the rooftop lounge of your own apartment building. This relatively new way of urban living is gaining preference and residents are increasingly looking for this in their choice of apartments to inhabit. Every now and then, as much as you enjoy your own internal apartment space, you do look for other break-out spaces you can still call your own. It makes for a charming entertaining option.
Mumbai has so much to offer, but the one thing it lacks and is always searching for is open space. These rooftop terraces fill that void as you look far and high into a limitless ceiling. Terraces are not new to Mumbai, but in the past, have been mainly functional areas for water tanks, an evening walk for the elderly or then a place where one went to fly kites. But now in their new avatar, the landscaped terraces, the fresh air, a ‘roof’ with a view, and an aesthetic that’s inviting make for a perfect sky room. 
This emerging trend has though, yet to reach some places in Mumbai. However, one of the first in Chembur is Amaltas71. What makes this even more unique is that Amaltas71 is a boutique building in the making that will be home to just 43 families, making it disarmingly intimate for the community. Surrounded by green and in a remarkably quiet lane, a rooftop option here only adds to the charm. Amaltas71 is set to be one of Chembur’s most desired buildings for families seeking a contemporary living. Thankfully, terrace lounges are not just restricted to super high rises.
Besides their recreational purposes, terrace lounges, do also do allow for environmental consciousness, as many are designed with sustainable features.
For those who are looking for new apartment buildings, the one with a rooftop lounge may be an option worth considering.The next time you invite someone for dinner, you could provide the option – Inside or Alfresco?.