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Say Hello
to our New Logo

We understand that most of you found our old logo beautiful and compelling. Well, the old logo has served its purpose and we’ve decided to notch things up in a better and brilliant way.

As a real estate company, we decided to accentuate our brand by optimizing our logo. You can think of this as an evolvement from the old logo.

This logo signals the beginning of a new dawn.

It is designed in a way that allows you to connect with us as a brand on a deeper level easily. This new logo wholesomely encompasses what we stand for as Tattva Mittal.

The hexagon, a symbol of harmony and balance, is found through nature.
The hexagon represents homes fostering the idea of community living - A symbolic depiction of the tree of life. The diagonal lines represent our strengths i.e. dynamism and rapidity in our process, while the horizontal lines suggest tranquility and calmness.
At Tattva Mittal, we don't want to promote our brand alone, but also foster the belief of harmonious living.

Welcome to a new dawn, enjoy.

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